After a 72-hour process that includes 3 kneadings, our leavened cakes are born. They are characterized by extraordinary softness and fluffiness.


"Romeo and Juliet: a story of love and passion of ancient inspiration, inextricably linked to Verona.

With the same passion, for over a hundred years our Master Confectioners have been taking care of the mother dough and handing down from generation to generation the secrets of the original recipes.

The Star of Verona (Nadalin), Pandoro and the filled leavened products: Dolci di Romeo express the best tradition of Verona's high confectionery, inspired by ancient craftsmanship and a continuous search for excellence."

Romeo was a pastry chef from Verona who, at the end of the 1500s, inspired by his love for Juliet, put his skill to good use, creating a soft cake with raisins and candied fruit: Panettone . 

He created other sweet temptations to seduce his beloved, from Nadalin to Pandoro, to Easter Colomba: sweets that have become part of the Veronese tradition. 

His original recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, up to our pastry chefs, who share Romeo's experience and passion for pastry making.


...And a great experience handed down from generation to generation give life to our leavened cakes


The search for wheat flours with a high protein content led to the creation of an ideal blend, that allows the long leavening times required by our sourdough starter.


From the best fresh cream comes the sweet pastry butter we use to make our leavened cakes softer.


Top quality fresh eggs from free range hens


Our Sicilian orange and Diamante citron cubes are made from real, untreated fruit, candied from fresh, and along with the sultanas enrich and give an inimitable taste to our leavened cakes.


Exclusive recipes created by our pastry chefs with fresh ingredients and without the addition of artificial coloring.